Galaxy Art Deco

“We are home of Indian handicraft artists”

The beautiful and prolific journey of GAD commences from the year 2007, when a young and enthusiastic Indian businessman named Mohammed Shuaib, visited the historic Paris trade fair MAISON&OBJET.

The Paris trade fair MAISON&OBJET is mainly known as an international authority for home decor, interior design, architecture and lifestyle culture and the ongoing trends through its shows.

Over there, Mr. Shuaib Mohammed noticed the flawless and creative work of abundant numbers of artists, whose work was incredible. He then decided to a make strong connection with the exporters as well as the manufactures of these astounding products as he got the spark for his innovative journey.

Let’s see the beginning of the story, from struggle to glory

City of Romance made him fall in love with Indian handmade goods

He found his beloved venture and its scope in 2007 in the historic trade fair of Paris, MAISON&OBJET. Seeing the unimaginable and passionate art from Indian artisans, he instantly decided to bring Indian enduring artistic assets to the global platform. The idea was nascent and raw but the passion was real, with his continuous efforts and about a decade of struggle he succeeded to chase his dream.

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Chasing the GAD dream-A rocky roadmap starts to become a leading export house

Soon after the commencement of his beloved venture, he started to build a strong network of manufacturers, exporters, suppliers, and traders of unique handmade products from India to take his innovative journey to a next level. But the task became difficult on each step as things were not professional from Indian counterparts that hampered the growth of GAD vision; every time a new strategy was made.

Being a learned person from the luxury furniture and home decor industry; he very well knew the hardships and challenges involved in handicrafts business. So, he decided to professionally manage this reliable supplier and buyer platform and began to shape his vision of bringing Indian artifacts to a platform that can serve as one-stop for all handmade products online.

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Pursuit of his dreams made him face Indian handicraft market Challenges

In pursuit of his dream, Mr. Shuaib Mohammed tried to figure out the potential and reliable manufacturers, wholesalers and exporters for furniture and home decor, those who can manufacture and deliver the innovative Indian artifacts within the stipulated time frame to maintain equilibrium in the business. But all his efforts went in vain seeing the unprofessional and unexpected business approach of the Indian market.

In addition to Indian designs, he also wanted some customized and unique designs from Indian manufacturers to cater the international market. But soon he became despaired as the specimen of the products shown and whole bulk manufactured was not at par, the later has several flaws and quality of products was reprimanded.

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The Challenges of Indian Market were never ending- Paris to India Sprees

The most difficult task in setting the GAD business was the lack of proper communication channel. The Indian exporters and manufacturers hardly use email communication and professional means, most of the deals are done on mobile phones that too become more challenging once you have made the payment. The task became frustrating and painstaking enough to make several visits to India to deal with challenges. It took him whole two years just to build a satisfactory network to be able to make export to Paris.

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His penchant for unique handmade products brought him to India

Mr. Mohammad was very clear on one thing that was quality of the products which he knew would only come after he had personally judged and picked the innovative, qualitative products across the length and breadth of India. India, the land of diversified cultural essence has so much to explore and offer but lack of professional practices make it quite a herculean task to create a platform like GAD.

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Dreams Cherished GAD reaches offshore-Paris, Berlin and Milan expansion

Mr. Mohammad incepted an idea of setting his own manufacturing units, hiring skilled Indian artisans and International designers to meet the qualitative artifacts demands. With all the hard work, he started to export luxurious products to Paris and soon expansion took place to Berlin and Milan.

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GAD Gulf Expansion- Another feather in the crown

The most challenging task of timely deliverability of the products and meeting international quality was harnessed by Mr. Shuaib, his ideology worked and he made the connection with the businessman and different companies in Dubai World Trade Center. He then started to export the products to Qatar, Bahrain, Saudi Arabia, and Abu Dhabi. GAD paved the roadmap to become the leading exporters and most trusted manufacturers of furniture and home accessories.

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Penetrating the European market -another offshore fame- Exporters to Europe & UK

With the perseverance and magnanimous efforts, GAD luxury goods and fine art business gained momentum. Gradually the quality and ethical business practices incorporated with professionalism gained fame for GAD in the European and UK market. The expansion of GAD took place from Benelux region, Italy, Spain to Germany. Soon a showroom in Marrakech, Morocco was inaugurated with incredible and qualitative assets. Now GAD is an award winning and largest supplier of Indian handicrafts to USA, UK, UAE and Middle East etc.

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GAD’S Premium website- Indian Ecommerce platform- Revamping the archaic marketing

Mr. Mohammad tackled day to day Indian market challenges and created a niche B2B platform for the buyers, The GAD website was launched with a vision to simplify the process and impede the challenges of the Indian market to the reputed clients. The coveted website named Galaxy Art Deco is the dream cherished, after a decade of the hard work and prolific journey. Now GAD is a leading manufacturer, wholesaler and exporter of furniture and home accessories creating success stories through the most reliable online store for Indian handicrafts.

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GAD empowering the nation with MAKE IN INDIA

With such rich, prolific journey and years of experience now, GAD is empowering the nation by inviting the global clients to get their products manufactured under the guidance of professional artists as per client's designing and requisite guidelines. With diversified cultural artistic assets and visionary leaders GAD makes the best manufacturing platform for valuable clients. Now, GAD is the best manufacturer of furniture in India, it has been awarded for high quality Indian handicrafts.

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Come Join hands with us to Build India Strong

The profitable and massive expansion strategy that can bring long term futuristic benefits for GAD’s stakeholders and Indian economy is shaping by leaps and bounds. GAD, now a known name, is looking forward to make its roots more deeper as the exporters of Indian handicrafts globally and build India stronger.

Survey suggests that the luxurious decor and furniture export is the most booming industry and has reached the pinnacle heights after the bust of dot com bubble. Galaxy Art Deco is the best manufacturing platform and online marketplace for furniture and Indian handicrafts on its diversification mode, for holistic business benefits and contributing to the nation’s growing economy. We want to join hands with like-minded business acumens those to want to reap the harvest of this profitable industry and make India a much stronger nation and economy.

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